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Up till now the solar cooking devices have found limited users due to their large sizes and high prices. But we are changing that by introducing innovative Solar Kitchens. Our goal is to make solar cooking practical and available for the whole World by providing efficient and affordable solar cooking devices.

Sunlight has about 1000 Watts/m2. This is the same amount of power you get in your electric stove top. By simply concentrating this sunlight we can easily cook food without having to burn anything. Burning fuel for cooking purposes contributes significantly to global carbon and heat emissions. Not only it causes environmental problems but it also costs you money.

Each solar kitchen could prevent 1000 Kg (1 ton) of wood from being burnt every year. If you cook with an electric stove it could save the planet from 1000,000 watts of heat being released into the atmosphere! We guarantee you that you will be amazed how easy, fun and convenient saving the environment is. With time you will eliminate the need for your regular stove by up to 60%.

We plan to make two models available to our consumers. One of them is Diya Solar Kitchen (DSK) which we will be producing for our North American market. We also have a stainless steel model called “Sol Solar Kitchen” (SSK). SSK is very durable but it is not easily portable as it does not fold into a box. So far we are only producing SSK in Pakistan where it is being hand-made locally by metal sheet workers. Our Solar Kitchens over there will not only enable people to cook food for free, they will also reduce green house gas emission, global warming and deforestation and create many jobs in manufacturing, marketing, sales and education. In future we will offer SSK in North America.13.jpg
Sol Solar Kitchen (SSK), Pakistan

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