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World desperately needs a "weapon of mass protection (WMP) to save this planet from so many unsolvable crisis. The electric cars unfortunately do not meet the criteria of a WMP in our humble opinion. Lithium reserves on Earth are limited any ways, it would be better to save them for cell-phones and lap-tops' batteries.

In order to solve the World's "energy" related problems, we have come up with our own innovative solution. It is a true WMP in our opinion. It can be quickly produced and could easily change the planet's fortune overnight. It is called Diya Solar Kitchen (DSK). A DSK is a solar powered radiant energy oven which cooks food by concentrating direct sunlight. It saves money, time, fuel and lives. A DSK cannot only cook food but it can also be used to make water safe to drink and even generate electricity when combined with an electric power generator. When not in use, you can turn a DSK it into a box and use it for shipping, storage or maintaining cold-chain purposes.

But as smog layer is blocking more sunlight everyday we worry that soon there will not reach enough direct sunlight on the ground in the areas where it is needed the most. All solar devices perform best on clear sunny days. Even a thin layer of clouds or smog can significantly reduce the amount of solar energy reaching the ground. Window to save the planet is closing faster than you realize. So here is what we have to choose in order to save the planet:

We must choose "sun over fire" as the primary source of cooking heat. This simple choice determines the fate of this planet.

Burning fuel for cooking purposes contributes significantly to global carbon and heat emissions. Not only it causes environmental problems but it also costs us money. Sunlight has 1000 Watts/m2. This is the same amount of power you get in your electric stove top. By simply concentrating this sunlight with a DSK, we can easily cook food without having to burn anything.

Each DSK could prevent more than 1000 Kg (1 ton) of wood from being burnt in a single year. If you cook with an electric stove then one DSK could save 1 mega Watt of heat equivalent being released into the atmosphere each year! We guarantee you that you will be amazed how easy, fun and convenient saving the planet is. With time you will eliminate the need for your regular stove by up to 50% or even more.

We also have a stainless steel (SS) version called DSK-SS. It is very durable but it is not easily portable as it does not fold into a box. So far we are only producing DSK-SS in Pakistan where it is being hand-made locally by metal sheet workers. Our DSK-SS could not only enable people to cook food for free, they will also reduce green house gas emission, global warming, deforestation and create many jobs in manufacturing, marketing, sales and education. It would liberate women from the slavery of the stove. In future we will offer DSK-SS through out the globe God willing.13.jpg
Hand-made DSK-SS, cooking for nearly 1000 people, Pakistan 2015

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