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Diya Solar Kitchen (DSK):

After extensive research and 3-D computer simulation tests, we have come up with the most efficient and easiest way to harvest solar energy. Diya Solar Kitchen (DSK) is a regular shipping box which reversibly transforms into a solar cooking device. DSK is so efficient as a solar device that one DSK can cook the same amount of food as 5 solar panels would!


You could use DSK at home, at the beach, in the RV parks or even on a boat. Imagine cooking your fish right on boat while you still keep fishing. Even during the fire ban you will still be able to enjoy a freshly cooked dinner at your campsite.

For shipping and storage, DSK is turned into its box shape. Inside the box you will find everything you need to cook food with sunlight. When you are ready to cook, simply lay open the box and insert the tabs into pre-cut slots and in less than 1 minutes you will have a powerful solar cooking device. In order to store it, you can either turn it back into the box or make it flat to stand it against any wall.

DSK could be made out of 100% recyclable plastic or regular cardbaord or stainless steel. It is the greenest product on the market. Every hour you use DSK to cook food, you are saving the planet nearly 3000 watts of heat energy being released into the atmosphere. It could help you reduce your environmental footprint significantly. More you use it, bigger your contribution would be towards the global environmental problems. DSK could also be used to maintain cold-chain given its corrugated construction and highly reflective interior surface; both of these qualities give this box an excellent thermal insulation property.

In fuel cost savings alone DSK could pay for itself in just few months. We are so confident with our product that if you are not happy with DSK, send it back and we will give you 110% money back. No questions asked.

Details of DSK:

Status: Pre-orders only

Each DSK set contains:
  • Solar cooking devices x 2
  • Cooking pots x 2
  • Heat resistant clear plastic bags (reusable)
  • Cooking stands x 2 (heat resistant clear plastic containers)
  • Strings and pegs

  • Ordering & Payment Options:

    We are currently accepting pre-orders only.


    How to set up DSK:

    Open the box and lay it flat. Insert the tabs into pre-cut slots. Thread the strings through the holes and adjust the tension just enough to remove any slack (see picture). Do not tighten the strings all the way.


    By tightening or loosening the horizontal string the angles of the panels could be adjusted according to the position of the sun.  In summer and high noon you will need to tighten the horizontal string more in order to make the angles steeper. Fine tune the angle till sunlight from the back panel is reflecting on the entire pot.

    On a windy day anchor the stove using pegs (see picture) or you can secure it by placing it on a table and tying the strings to the table legs.

    How to turn it back into a box:

    Loosen the horizontal string all the way. Do not remove it completely though.

    Remove all the tabs from their slots. Tighten the vertical string all the way till the two opposing sides approximate. Then close the sides of the box just as any other box starting with triangular (smallest) flap first. Use the strings to tie the box up. Reverse the above steps to turn the box back into the cooking stove.

    Cooking Instructions:

    Set up the stove as above. Place the included clear heat resistant plastic container (without the lid) upside down on the floor panel of the stove. This will act as a cooking stand. Place the stove in a spot where you get the most sunlight.

    Put all the ingredients of any of your favorite recipe inside the cooking pot. Place the pot inside the clear plastic bag. Close the bag using a twist tie. Place the pot and bag on the cooking stand (clear plastic container). Do not put the pot directly on the stove without the stand.

    Point the stove towards the direction of the sun. As the sun changes position, readjust the direction of the stove about every 1 hour.  Most food get cooked in 1-2 hours

    When food is almost cooked you will be able to smell the delicious aroma of it. Give another 15-20 minutes and food will be ready.

    If you are not ready to eat, you can leave the food on the stove as long as you want. It will not burn the food and keep it warm. If it is a really bright and hot day you can turn the stove slightly away from the sun to prevent over-cooking while still keeping it warm.

    There are many web sites which offer excellent solar cooking recipes for free. For example:

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